Zenator Angry Bird

For my first 'real' post I want to introduce a crazy concept I have been thinking about for a long time: the Angry Bird, a two-stroke cruiser. I know a cruiser must be four-stroke, and most of people like this is not probably going to like the concept nor how its engine will sound, but hey, it can have other targets (or not, who cares?)

Why 'Angry Bird'? Well, I let you guess, I'm sure it's going to be easy. (Clue: there are at least 5 reasons)

Now, before the boring technical stuff, let's answer some questions.


Hello world!

My name is Gustavo, I am from Valencia (Spain) and work as a motorcycle designer.

Motorcycle design is not only my job, but also one of my favorite hobbies. I get paid for designing motorcycles during 8 hours a day, but I use to spend some more time doing it at home. In the concepts I work in at home is where I can leave my ideas fly and design bikes that I would like to ride, no matter if they're expensive to produce or have an small target.

I've created this blog to share my craziest ideas with you. I'm sorry if I keep the less crazy ones for people who's paying me. You understand, I know :-)

Hope you enjoy it!